Phanar’s Exarch arrives in Ukraine

Epiphany Dumenko and Archbishop Daniel (Zelinsky) of Pamphilon in Mariupol

Archbishop Daniel of Pamphilon, who worked in Ukraine as an Exarch of Constantinople on the eve of the creation of the OCU, flew to help Epiphany.

On May 14, 2019, Epiphany Dumenko visited the 79th airborne brigade in Mariupol, where he met with the command and personnel of the unit, the OCU website reports. He was accompanied by the Archbishop of Pamphilon, Daniel (Zelinsky), who had unexpectedly arrived in Ukraine.

The Exarch of Phanar said on his Facebook page that he had arrived in Ukraine "on an official visit".

"Being less than ten kilometers away from the front line, the territories occupied by the Russian aggressor, I had the opportunity to touch the hearts of men and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, displaced people from the occupied territories, old people and children who need not only material support, but above all, the Gospel Truth of peace, harmony, hope and love,” said the bishop of the Church of Constantinople.

He also said that he had delivered financial assistance for the OCU from the UOC in the USA. 

Recall that in OCU, the conflict between supporters of Epiphany and Filaret has not abated. The “Honorary Patriarch” gave a press conference on May 15, 2019, at which, in particular, he declared that Epiphany had deceived him.

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