It becomes known why Epiphany refused to participate in Zelensky’s project

14 May 2019 02:20
Epiphany Dumenko Epiphany Dumenko

The head of the OCU refused to voice the fragment of the “message of peace” offered to him to the Crimea and Donbass, because he did not like the proposed text.

Epiphany Dumenko refused to take part in the peacemaking video project of the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky – “a message of peace”, where the heads of religious organizations of Ukraine call on the residents of Donbass and Crimea for peace and harmony. This was reported by the "BBC. Ukraine" news agency.

The head of the OCU was embarrassed by a piece of the text he was proposed to say. In particular, Epiphany refused to voice the words about the need to stop talking in the language of guns and cannons. He was worried that such words of his could be perceived as a call for negotiations with representatives of the unrecognized republics.

As a result, it was His Beatitude Onuphry who said this fragment of the text.

In addition, Epiphany was embarrassed that his participation in Vladimir Zelensky’s project, along with Filaret, could give rise to a new wave of disputes, which of them is more important in the OCU.


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