Epiphany: Union with Greek Catholics is possible

14 May 2019 23:51
 Sviatoslav Shevchuk and Epiphany Dumenko Sviatoslav Shevchuk and Epiphany Dumenko

“Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine” Epiphany said that the OCU is closely cooperating with the “patriotic” UGCC.

The head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko said about the possibility of uniting in the future with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the future in an interview with Espreso.TV.

“In general, many strive and say that these Churches (OCU and UGCC – Ed.) should be united in the future,” Dumenko said. “But in order to unite, we must come to a dialogue.”

According to him, at present, the OCU and the UGCC, “which is the patriotic Church,” are in close cooperation, implement certain projects and participate in joint events.

“At the meeting with His Beatitude Sviatoslav, we talked about the further deepening of our cooperation. In this cooperation, we will come to a dialogue, and the dialogue will determine whether we could unite. Theoretically, this is possible in the future. But it depends on how we will cooperate, maintain these friendly relations, strive for this unity. In the future, all Orthodox Christians should unite in a single Church,” said the head of the OCU.

As the UOJ reported, earlier, when congratulating Sviatoslav Shevchenko on his birthday, Epiphany thanked the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church "for supporting the friendly relations between the Churches and for the unshakable patriotic stance", and expressed hope that the relationship between the OCU and the UGCC would remain "as kind and beneficial" as they are now.

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