Poroshenko is set to shield OCU from revenge

After losing the presidential election, Poroshenko intends to defend the OCU

Petro Poroshenko said that he had lifted up the yoke of the Church of Russia from the OCU and intends to protect this structure from revenge.

In his speech, devoted to the results of exit polls of the second round of the presidential election, where he suffered a crushing defeat, Petro Poroshenko said he is determined to defend the OCU from revenge.

“Today is Palm Sunday and the Lord’s Entry to Jerusalem,” Poroshenko said. “I celebrate it praying in St. Michael Cathedral (the main shrine of the OCU – Ed.). And our team will protect the Orthodox Church of Ukraine from revenge.”

The President, who is still sitting head, said that he had lifted from the OCU, being the union of the Kiev Patriarchate and the UAOC, the yoke of the Russian Church: “We will not allow this revenge. Because when we removed the yoke of the Russian Church and Russia from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, this is another solid foundation of our state-building, our spirituality.”

In addition, Poroshenko said that he still expects Vladimir Zelensky to apologize for the “thermos".

Recall, a number of representatives of the OCU, headed by Filaret, demanded an apology from Vladimir Zelensky for the fact that in one of the stage performances his character had a slip of the tongue and said "thermos" instead of the "Tomos".

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What do you think Poroshenko creates under the guise of the Single Local Church?
a new schismatic structure controlled by the state
an autocephalous Church, which Phanar will take under its omophorion
it does not matter – it will not work out anyway
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