Zelensky about religion: What splits families and society is not debatable

18 April 2019 17:57
Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky spoke about his attitude to religion Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky spoke about his attitude to religion

Vladimir Zelensky said he did not intend to discuss issues of religion since this topic splits families and society.

Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky assured that no one will violate the laws and traditions regarding religion. He said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

Commenting on his attitude to religion, he stressed, “There are things that we never discuss at the table of our family. My father taught me so. I never discuss them with anyone. Questions of religion are number one.

We never discuss things that split families and society. I never do that. But I believe in God,” said Zelensky.

Asked whether he would go to festive services to the church, which are broadcast by all the TV channels, he explained that he was not going to attend the services “for camera”.

“I think this is my personal internal affair. I would not like to broadcast it to the whole world. I prefer to have my relations with God on a one-to-one basis”, the Presidential candidate replied.

He added, “There are things that cannot be violated. No one will break laws, traditions. There are personal things.”

As the UOJ reported, earlier “honorary patriarch” Filaret said he is not sure whether Vladimir Zelensky will support the OCU if elected to the post of President of Ukraine. According to him, if Vladimir Zelensky wins the presidential elections in Ukraine, the process of “uniting Ukrainian Orthodoxy” may stop.

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