OCU cleric reads the Incessant Psalter for the victory of Poroshenko

Alexander Dediukhin is doing everything possible for to the current President to win the election

The OCU “priest” Alexander Dediukhin initiated the reading of the Psalter for the victory of Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the presidential election.

Alexander Dediukhin, a cleric of the OCU, said in his post on Facebook on April 14 that he was initiating the reading of the Psalter for the victory of Petro Poroshenko in the election of the President of Ukraine.

“Tomorrow we are starting to read the Psalter for the victory of Porokh (Poroshenko – Ed.) and common sense in these elections,” said the “priest”. “We have a week. By the number of people who signed up, it turns out that the Psalter will be read 12 times a day.”

In the post, Dediukhin explains in detail to those who want to pray – what the Psalter is, as well as how and why to read it.

Alexander Dediukhin encourages everyone - both believers and non-believers – to pray for the victory Poroshenko.

“Can atheists pray? There is the Psalter at home, only in Russian,” one of those who wish asks in the comments. "Yes, they can," says the representative of the OCU.

In response to the proposal to pray, reading the Psalter, about the end of the war, Dediukhin answered affirmatively that the end of the war is possible only if Poroshenko is elected for a second term.

In another publication devoted to the election of the President, the “priest” of the OCU expressed his opinion on who should be prayed for and who shouldn’t.

“The worthy President and believer,” Alexander Dediukhin characterizes Petro Poroshenko. “For such a person I want to sincerely pray. Well, Vova-pussy how to pray for him, if he even is not a Jew (I am friends with the Jews and sincerely respect them). So, Ze is neither an Orthodox, nor a Jew, but some kind of trash.”

Also, Alexander Dediukhin said that Vladimir Zelensky is following in the footsteps of Antichrist: “No, of course, Zelensky is not the terrible and vile antichrist of the Apocalypse. Zero is too shallow for that. But the fact that this petty clown is following the path of the antichrist is a fact. ”

We remind that earlier Dediukhin estimated the chances of applicants for presidency as 40/60 in favour of Zelensky but stated that “we will win”. Another OCU "cleric", Peter Zinich, expressed confidence that all those who voted for Vladimir Zelensky "will burn in hell".

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