UOC clerics appeal to head of Korets DSA regarding the situation in Kopytov

Сlerics of the Korets Deanery of the UOC ask to protect the believers and the rector of the temple in Kopytov

The clerics of the Korets Deanery appealed to the police chief and officials with a request to protect the parishioners in Kopytov from aggression from OCU activists.

On April 12, a UOC delegation consisting of 20 people, among whom were clerics of the Korets Deanery and parishioners of the seized St. John the Theological Church in the village of Kopytov, Rovno region, appealed to the head of the Korets District Administration Sergey Cherniy in connection with the latest events in Kopytov, reports a UOJ correspondent.

According to eyewitnesses, the conversation with Mr Cherniy was intense. The official turned out to be aware of what is happening in the village, but openly supports the position of the newly-formed community of the OCU, which, in his opinion, has all the legitimate rights to the temple.

“We showed the minutes of the parish meeting in Kopytov, where a large number of people confirmed their desire not to transfer to the OCU but remain in the bosom of the canonical Church,” said Archpriest Andrei Dyachik, a cleric of the Korets Deanery of the UOC. “This document was not given special importance, they say there was not enough passport data, the number of people did not surprise the official, and this is half of the village that does not want any changes. Sergey Cherniy recognizes only the registration of the OCU.”

The talk lasted for about two hours, as a result of which clerics managed to get a promise from the head of the Korets district that an inter-church dispute in Kopytov would be settled exclusively in the legal field, and until its resolution, no community would try to break open the temple doors.

“Now it is rather restless in Kopytov, the father and his children suffer the most. It is these days that one of the boys, who has heart problems, is undergoing treatment, he is a disabled person of the first group. The day before yesterday, OCU supporters had cut a huge tree and blocked the passage for the priest, because of the roadblock, it is impossible to take the child for treatment. Therefore, we all went together to the head of the Korets district police department,” said Archpriest Mikhail Golubka, a cleric of Korets Deanery.

The police chief, having familiarized himself with the situation and after hearing all the arguments, promised to ensure order in the village. Already on that evening and throughout the night, a police squad was on duty in the village. A law enforcement officer was also on duty at the house of the priest who is being threatened.

Earlier, opponents of the UOC announced that on Saturday, April 13, an inventory initiated by them would be held at the St. John the Theologian Church. The rector, father Igor Vlasyuk was given an ultimatum to leave the church house before 12 o'clock. Believers hope that the officials will fulfil their promise to take all necessary measures to prevent the intensification of the conflict in the village.

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