Epiphany: We are proud to be called Bandera followers

Epiphany with colleagues is proud to be a Bandera follower

The head of the OCU considers Stepan Bandera "a genius who created the Ukrainian national spirit" and is honoured to be called a Bandera follower (“banderovets”).

The head of the OPU Epiphany Dumenko said that he was proud when OCU members and he are called Bandera followers. He stated this during a visit to the Lviv National Agrarian University, reports the official website of the OCU.

“Among the graduates of the university, it is worth noting and recalling the genius of the Ukrainian national and nation-creating spirit Stepan Bandera. He is a glorious graduate of your university,” Epiphany said. “And when we are called Bandera followers (“banderovtsy”), we are proud of it.”

Epiphany said that he is honoured to be called a Bandera adherent and also intends to continue all that the heroic leader of the OUN and his followers outlined for posterity: “For some, such a name is abusive, but for us it is an honour. Because our land gave birth to such glorious heroes who once said that the time would come and one would say “Glory to Ukraine!”, and millions would respond “Glory to the Heroes!”. We have waited for this time, so we should be glad that we are the successors of our heroes and have the opportunity to realize and continue what they have outlined.”

Also, the head of the OCU expressed the hope to students and teachers of the university that their higher education institution would have a glorious futurу and also showed them the Tomos of autocephaly.

Earlier, Epiphany Dumenko supported the need to join NATO, because "the enemy reckons with the strong".

We recall that "Metropolitan" Mikhail Zinkevich of the UOC asserted that in 2016 he consecrated the church of the Kiev Patriarchate in the Vovchak area in Volyn in honour of the "holy warriors of the UPA".

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