Poroshenko: Don’t bear hard on the Church and don’t seize temples

Poroshenko demands not to prescribe to Ukrainians what church they should go

Petro Poroshenko demanded that Vladimir Zelensky not impose on Ukrainians what Church they should go. He is convinced that people themselves will sort it out.

The current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the non-face-to-face controversy with Vladimir Zelensky said that the Church serves to unite the country and cannot under any circumstances be “bracketed out”, as his opponent mistakenly does. About this Poroshenko told in the air of the program Freedom of Speech on ICTV channel.

“The main thing is not to exert pressure, not to seize the temples!" urged the current President. “Do not try to speculate with lavras, priests, vladykas.”

According to the President’s deep conviction, it is absolutely unacceptable to impose some Church on the Ukrainians: “Every person, every Ukrainian has his own way to God and one should not impose on people what Church to go to, what temple! People will sort it out without you!”

Petro Poroshenko stated bitterly that if Vladimir Zelensky allowed himself to “bracket out” the army, the language and the Church, then he has to take out of brackets the whole of Ukraine.

Earlier, Poroshenko, who played a major role in the emergence of the OCU, claimed that Ukraine would not worship other gods, was perplexed how Ukrainians can visit the UOC temples, in which “divine service begins with a prayer for Kiril, for Putin, for the Russian army”. The President also said that there is no place for the UOC in Ukraine and that it should "go home to Russia".

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