OCU “hierarch”: At the Synod, they simply scoff at the Elder-Patriarch

Philaret suffers jeering from those he raised

OCU “Metropolitan” Joasaph Shibaev spoke about the attitude of the new generation of the OCU “episcopate” to the “Honorable Patriarch” Filaret.

At the sessions of the Synod of the OCU, Filaret is subjected to humiliation and even jeering from its younger colleagues. OCU “Metropolitan” Joasaph Shibaev said about this in his open Address.

“We are already familiar with the text of the minutes of the session published and voiced in an interview. Everything there is sweet-toned and sleeky. And what was it that shocked me? I saw that the conversations and promises on which we based our position during the unification, in the election of the new Primate, were simply a deception,” Shibaev describes his impressions of the work of the Synod of the OCU. “The session was chaired by Metropolitan Epiphany. The voice of the Patriarch was almost not heard. The hierarchal youth, without embarrassment, argued with the Elder on any minor question, especially regarding the issue of the governance of Kiev parishes by the Patriarch. Then mere scoffing at the Elder-Patriarch began! Metropolitan Simeon and Bishop Herman succeeded in this, Metropolitan Makary also participated. They disrespectfully, not to say in a rude tone, demanded that the right to manage Kiev parishes should be taken away from the Patriarch.”

Joasaph Shibaev argues that only the principled stand of Filaret, who threatened to appeal to the public, helped him to maintain his position: “The bishops of the former Kiev Patriarchate kept silent, allowing them to jeer at the Patriarch. You have read in the published Synod Journals the words – the Honorary Patriarch Filaret is approved as the Governor of Kiev parishes. And in fact, he was approved only after he wanted to leave the session of the Synod and make a statement to the public. Only after that, they approved him!”

Joasaph also accused Epiphany and other young "bishops" of the OCU of ingratitude towards Filaret: “... it was he who found you, herding cows and geese, brought you to the top of church life, gave you all the benefits, both spiritual and material. He put you in bishops, gave eparchies, expensive cars, precious panagias, crosses, mitres, magnificent vestments, expensive phones, money, etc. You, apparently, in self-conceit, took all this for granted. What do you pay the Patriarch with? Do not let him live the rest of the years in peace, honor, and quietness? Remember the words of God: "Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be..." May it not be with you and with us!”

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