We do good together: people from the whole world help Volyn priest’s family

The family of the rector of St. George's temple priest Nikolai Sliva with children

After the request to help the priest who was kicked out by OCU supporters from the house with two children, plenty of people from across the world sent money transfers.

The family of the rector of St. George's temple, Priest Nikolai Sliva from the village of Kutrov, Volyn region, wholeheartedly thanks all concerned people who responded to the request for help, reports Tabor charitable foundation.

“After our appeal, in just a few days, a huge number of caring people from all over the world responded – money was transferred from Europe, the USA and even from New Zealand – not to mention Ukraine!” the foundation reports.

According to the volunteers, there arrived far more money than it was required for a quick move to a new home and arranging the life of the young priest’s family with two kids.

Father Nikolai, after consulting with the employees of the charitable organization, decided to give the surplus donations to those priests and parishes in Volhynia who are in distress having been deprived of their churches.

A photo of one such temporary garage-temple can be seen below.

As the UOJ reported, earlier the charitable foundation Tabor called on all concerned to financially support the family of the canonical church priest, who, together with his wife and two year old children, are being evicted from the church home.

In Kutrov village of Volyn region, activists of the new church structure gave a week term to leave the chuch house to the UOC cleric, rector of St. George's rural church, priest Nikolai Sliva, who has to raise two year old babies and has almost no means of existence, since the community of the church in which the Father served, had transferred to the OCU.

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