In Pogreby activists threaten the rector of the UOC temple

Archpriest Alexei Nosenko, head of the Legal Department of Borispol Diocese of the UOC

Proponents of the new church structure bluntly announced plans to seize the temple in Pogreby, Archpriest Alexei said.

The situation around the Holy Dormition church of the UOC in the village of Pogreby of Kiev region remains tense; the rector of the church, Archpriest Igor Bagaley, is threatened by activists of the new church structure, said Archpriest Alexei Nosenko, the head of the Legal Department of the Borispol Diocese of the UOC on the air of First Cossack channel.

“The threats come to the rector by telephone. He is blackmailed. As far as we know, today or tomorrow, the seizure of the temple is afoot in the village. The so-called initiative group consisting of people who make all the people in the village agitated, directly stated about this and it is possible,” Archpriest Alexei shared with the public.

On the day of the Triumph of Orthodoxy, OCU supporters broke into the Holy Dormition temple and tried to disrupt the festive worship, trying to shout over the words of prayers by singing the Ukrainian hymn and shouting: “Shame! Shame!”
Law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene, take both activists and believers of the canonical Church out of the temple. While the parishioners of the Holy Dormition church were trying to bring the prayers at the walls of their own church to the end, the followers of the “holy church of Ukraine” were singing folk songs.

The actions of the activists of the new “church” caused outrage among the faithful residents of the village.

“They are now  big "lords" because they have earned freedom. Freedom is with them. But what kind of freedom is it? And where is God? With the God’s name they dare do such things? They are fighting against God! Against God! This is a shrine, this is God's holy place. And they are coming out against Him,” Vera, the UOC parishioner, commented on what was happening. “With fists, beating old women, throwing out parishioners from the temple, raising their hands against priests? What is this? This is how the new holy church will come to serve here? How will it turn out? What kind of priest?”

The church structure headed by such “priests” is more like a sectarian gathering, where everyone does what he wants, assures Vera.

“What faith will he preach here?” What grace of God will there be? No! No! It will be just a sectarian swarm. These are just sectarians. Similar to those sectarians who gather in prayer houses for themselves there and do what they want, waving with their hands, singing, jumping. And we do not need this! ”, summarized the woman.

According to eyewitnesses, activists of OCU distributed propaganda campaign materials among the residents of Pogreby in favor of one of the candidates for the Presidency of Ukraine.


About 100 members of the territorial community of the village unanimously voted for the transition of the Holy Dormition church of Pogreby village to the jurisdiction of the OCU. Campaigning for the "transition" of the Holy Dormition temple was built by the new “church” activists on slander and manipulation. They urged people that the “Moscow priests” allegedly gave a blessing to every shot at the Ukrainian soldier and consecrated every bullet, every shell and every single mine. Participants in the meeting of the territorial community, who are not parishioners of the Dormition church, believed and unanimously voted for her “transfer” to the OCU. However, they refused to give their “non-confidence” vote to the rector of the temple, Archpriest Igor Bagley, who is now threatened by the OCU supporters.

The editorial board of the UOJ reminds that in case of violation of the rights of the episcopate, clergy, laity and institutions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (obstructing worship, seizure of churches, provocations and pressure, threats, etc.), one should immediately contact the Law Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by phone: 097-537-55-96. 

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