In Bushcha, head of Zdolbunov DSA breaks down the doors of UOC temple

The head of the Zdobunov District State Administration Sergey Kondrachuk broke the lock on the door of the Holy Intercession Church of the UOC to let OCU activists hold their “service”

In the Rovno region, Sergei Kondrachuk continues to attack the temples of the canonical Church.

On March 1, 2019, at 16:45, the UOJ editor received a signal that the head of the Zdolbunov District State Administration Sergey Kondrachuk was using a crowbar to break down the doors of the St. Archangel Michael Church, which belongs to the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Bushcha.

Later, the UOJ source reported that the official managed to break the door of the temple.

“We are at the door. The OCU is serving,” eyewitnesses reported.

Kondrachuk has already attempted to illegally enter the church. "I have the right to enter the temple and make an inventory of religious property and things in accordance with Article 29 of the law ...", said the head of the Zdolbunov District State Administration on the video that appeared on the web. At the same time, the official could not give a clear answer to the questions of what legal norms he is guided by and who gave him this right.

The same official turned out to be the instigator of the seizure of the UOC church in the village of Kopytkovo. “Most of all I was outraged by the fact that Mr. Kondrachuk arrived at the church with his keys,” said the rector of the seized church. “This means that he has changed these locks and organized a meeting in absentia in the village for going to the OCU.”

The head of the Zdolbunov District Administration also spoke about the “transfer” to the OCU of the St. George Church in the village of Kunin, whose parishioners actually voted for allegiance to the UOC on February 15, 2019, right after the festive Divine service.

It was Sergey Kondrachuk who in May 2018 demanded searches in temples of the canonical Church and insisted that law enforcers be obligatory present at the UOC services and not allow collecting signatures against the creation of a new church structure.

The UOJ is monitoring the development of events and reminds that in case the rights of the episcopate, clergy, laity, and institutions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (obstructing worship, seizure of temples, provocation and pressure, threats, etc.) are violated, they should immediately contact the Legal Department of the UOC by phone: 097-537-55-96.

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