Audio message of Met. Vladimir on his attitude to Phanar published on Net

His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan)

An audio recording of the comment of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir (Sabodan) on the goals pursued by Constantinople in Ukraine was published on the Internet.

The record testifies: the UOC hierarchy understood that Patriarch Bartholomew wanted to unite the Ukrainian schismatics, neglecting the canons and church law. The audio message of the introductory speech of the late Primate of the UOC at the meeting with the clergy of the Kiev diocese in 2006 is posted on the website of the UOC Cathedral.

“No peace – no agreement,” says His Beatitude Vladimir, addressing the clergy. “You probably heard that we are talking about two offices in Kiev and in Lvov of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Unfortunately, this is very beneficial for our dissenters, who are still black-hearted, because then the patriarch can unconditionally accept them into his representative offices in spite of the canonical rules, which the Patriarch of Constantinople must first advocate, and tell us all with you that we didn’t want to do anything.”

He explains: “Bishop Hilarion, one of our graduates of the Kiev Theological Academy, who studied in Greece, was admitted to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and he has been staying here for the fourth month now, if not more, stirring in Lvov and in Kiev minds and people's hearts."

The Primate stresses: in his interview, Bishop Hilarion states that earlier “Ukraine was not independent as a state, and therefore, could obey the Russian Orthodox Church, and now the very logic of things requires that this should be different, so if the Kiev Patriarchate and the Autocephalous Church want, they must unite and bow their heads before the omophorion of their All-Holiness. This just means that he will be sitting on the fence until a certain time when he starts doing bad things for our Church and Orthodoxy in Ukraine in general.”

Commenting on the audio recording, the authors of the material summarize: to present the situation as if the actions of Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew in 2018-2019 were a response to the request from the leadership of Ukraine is a highly incompetent opinion.

As the UOJ reported, His Beatitude Vladimir came to head the Ukrainian canonical Orthodoxy at that really difficult time when the true Church was being destroyed both from inside – by the formed schism, and outside – by the state.

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