Czech hierarch: What is occurring in Ukraine in XXI century is incredible!

His Eminence Archbishop Juraj of Michalovce and Košice

Archbishop Juraj of Michalovce and Košice stated the Church must not be used for political purposes which is the case in Ukraine now.

Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Czech Lands and Slovakia His Eminence Juraj of Michalovce and Košice said he was amazed at the Ukrainian power’s interference into church affairs.

“It is incredible that in the 21st century in Europe, and Ukraine is part of Europe, it can be like that!” said the hierarch in an interview with the Information and Education Department of the UOC during his visit to Ukraine. “Do you know what the worst thing is? When the authorities try to use the words of the church to cover their greed and to acquire some sacred status in the face of the people. I have one question: do we need this religious conflict in Ukraine now, or does Ukraine face other problems that are to be addressed in the first place? <...> I repeat once again: what is happening here in the XXI century is incredible! It should not be so! This is not ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy’.”

Vladyka Juraj stressed that the issue of the Ukrainian autocephaly should generally be resolved without the intervention of state structures, but only by an all-Orthodox consensus. In this regard the position of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia remains unchanged.

According to the archbishop, a Pan-Orthodox Synaxis would be an appropriate option.

“Everything related to the church issue in Ukraine, including whether it is possible to override any church decisions from 300 years ago, the issue of transferring church territories, etc., should be resolved at the Synaxis of the heads and representatives of all the Local Orthodox Churches,” he considers. “Because I am sure, not a single Local Church, let's put it in simple terms, is a “super-Church” that has power over others. Therefore, it is very, very important that such a Pan-Orthodox Synaxis be assembled.”

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