German media: UOC demonstrates amazing solidarity

20 January 2019 16:50
UOC prayer standing near the Verkhovna Rada UOC prayer standing near the Verkhovna Rada

According to the German edition Der Spiegel, the merger of faith and politics will lead to increased tension in Ukraine.

With the arrival of autocephaly in Ukraine, the UOC demonstrated striking cohesion. Christian Esch writes about this in the German edition Der Spiegel, reports VZGLIAD.

“Out of nearly 12 thousand parishes, so far only a few dozen have turned coat. Of the 53 existing bishops, there is only one who has defected: the Metropolitan of Vinnitsa,” stressed Der Spiegel.

The author also notes that Petro Poroshenko moved his election campaign to Ukrainian churches. He is touring around the cathedrals of the country presenting the Tomos on autocephaly as a gift.

“It seems that the president has suddenly turned into a preacher,” notes Esch. “The letter (Tomos on autocephaly – UOJ note) appears to have a secular function, too. For Poroshenko, it is the last chance to avoid almost guaranteed defeat. At the end of March, presidential elections will be held in Ukraine and only a miracle can save him.”

In conclusion, Christian Esch states: “the more faith and politics merge together, the more tense the situation in Ukraine grows”.

Earlier, the UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), said that the past year of 2018, through new trials for the UOC, gave Orthodox Ukrainians a unique opportunity to become stronger and range themselves around Christ and His Holy Church.

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