Met. Vladimir: A systemic hypocritical fight is waged against UOC

20 January 2019 19:45
Metropolitan Vladimir of Vladimir-Volynsky and Kovel Metropolitan Vladimir of Vladimir-Volynsky and Kovel

The clergy of the UOC are defamed in every possible way at the expense of information slander, said Metropolitan Vladimir of Vladimir-Volynsky and Kovel.

Under the guise of the “long-awaited gift” – Tomos, a hypocritical plan of those who do not think about the good of the Church is being actually implemented in Ukraine, which, unfortunately, overshadows the joyful days of the Baptism of the Lord holiday. This was stated by Metropolitan Vladimir in his address to the faithful children of Vladimir-Volynsky eparchy, the press service of the eparchy reports.

According to the hierarch, today's joyful and saving days of the Baptism of the Lord are overshadowed by a great disaster, due to the increasing attacks on the UOC.

“We can see that the opposition of anti-Christian forces toward the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is getting more and more obvious and acute,” the hierarch notes. “Recently, there has only been talk of autocephaly, the newly created structure, OCU, the main actors of this process, and so on ... Under the guise of a good deed, great achievement and long-awaited gift, 'Tomos’ is offered to our believers”. In fact, this is a hypocritical plan, slyly and cunningly planned and played out by those who couldn’t care less about the good of the Church.”

Vladyka Vladimir stressed the offensive would particularly step up during the election campaign, pointing to its political rationale.

“Cruel, unconstitutional methods of struggle are used; systemic defamation activity is conducted against the clergy. The priests are under close supervision of provocateurs who are looking for the slightest handle in order to distort the facts, to blacken, to create dirty information resonance,” the hierarch said.

Metropolitan Vladimir called on believers to maintain unanimity, not to fall for lies and provocations, to learn to perceive critically doubtful information about the Church, and also to strengthen their prayers.

Earlier, Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye and Melitopol addressed the administration of Nikolayev, in which he stated that forcing and intimidating the clergy of the UOC with a view to backsliding to schism contradict the Constitution of Ukraine.

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