Novinsky: Passed Law 4128 is one more step away from Europe and the world

The adopted Law suits only one confession – the OCU, said MP Vadim Novinsky

Bill No 4128 was adopted with gross violations of the Rada’s regulations, and the Speaker ignored the request of deputies to hear the opinion of the Council of Churches.

Принятый закон

The adopted law suits only one confession – the OCU, and only one person needs it – Poroshenko, MP Vadim Novinsky told reporters in his commentary on “1Kozak” channel.

The MP explained: he repeatedly notified Speaker Andrei Paruby that his faction had a significant number of amendments to the bill. In this case, according to the regulations, the Rada has no right to put the bill to a vote.

According to V. Novinsky, the amendments were aimed at changing the Law in such a way that it would suit all the confessions of Ukraine.

“In this edition, as it is now, it suits only one confession – the OCU,” said the deputy.

The deputies tried to convince the Speaker to listen to the opinion of the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, which was also ignored, as was the fact that the document had not passed all the necessary expert examinations in the Parliament.

V. Novinsky explained that the text of the bill was published on the site of the Parliament only in the morning, and none of the deputies read it.

“This bill is needed only for one person – Poroshenko. He is now touring with Tomos round the regions, and he needs to show a large-scale transfer to this newly created OCU,” V. Novinsky explained.

As the UOJ reported, on January 17, 2019, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No 4128 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations’ (regarding changes in subordination by religious communities).

In between votes, MP Vadim Novinsky approached Speaker Andrei Paruby and tried to explain something to him, but Paruby told the MP: “Get away from me, evil!”

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