Met. Anthony: OCU – "Titanic" built by people who have lost the fear of God

11 January 2019 22:16
Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary, Chancellor of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary, Chancellor of the UOC

According to Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), the main reason for church raiding lies in the absence of the fear of God and the conviction of its impunity.

Christians challenge the world by fulfilling the commandments of the Lord; with their lives and moral values, they prevent others from committing lawlessness, therefore the world seeks to destroy them. This was said by the UOC Chancellor Met. Anthony of Borispol and Brovary in an interview with the "Orthodox Life" resource.

"People lose their head, prudence, and caution, as well as attentiveness to themselves and others, and sometimes make rash and, most importantly, irreparable acts because of self-confidence. Such a tragedy is unfolding today," Met. Anthony explained.

According to him, the only way to fight and weapon of the Orthodox believer "is prayer, and a shield is a clear conscience and good deeds. Whatever happens, we will not betray the laws established by the Lord."

The UOC Chancellor draws a parallel between Ukraine's recently created church and the "Titanic" liner: "Constructors and owners of this giant liner arrogantly stated that even the Lord would fail to wreck it, but the newly built ship never returned from its first voyage. When its captain heard about icebergs he did not slow down and did not change the root as he was very sure in its unsinkability."

"Today we witness to the same situation: self-assured and bold plan of creating ‘an unsinkable church Titanic’ by people who have lost the fear of God. On their approval and under their guidance destructive mechanisms violating peace and bringing discord are introduced in the big Orthodox family. These people will be responsible for ruined souls that they are leading to the false path," the UOC official said.

He explained: “We should recognize only the Apostolic Church, which must exist in its holy, whole, living, and pure nature, and not be a fragmented, damaged, fallen off, dry branch. This is no longer the Church. A characteristic of the true Church is the fact that it is being prosecuted. "Its sufferings, trials, tears, and blood of the holy martyrs for faith is the main witness. The true Church is the Church of martyrs and confessors, righteous people and holy hierarchs, always persecuted, but never broken and invincible."

"The Lord gave us the Church for salvation. And the main task of the enemy of the human race is to take it away from us. But we should not allow him that! " concluded Met. Anthony.

As the UOJ reported, earlier Met. Anthony (Pakanich) of Borispol and Brovary stated that the path of Christ and the Church lies through humility and sacrifice, and if we are in the Church, we must go the path of our Savior.

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