Yarosh: Hunting “Moscow priests” is pleasing to God and Ukraine

17 December 2018 14:10
Founder of the Right Sector, leader of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Dmitry Yarosh Founder of the Right Sector, leader of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Dmitry Yarosh

Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army and State Initiative of Yarosh organization, called for “manhunt on Moscow priests.”

MP of the Verkhovna Rada, Greek Catholic Dmitry Yarosh congratulated his "Orthodox brothers and sisters" on the establishment of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and urged to drive out "representatives of the FSB station" from Ukraine. He wrote about this on his Facebook page, addressing not only like-minded people, but also personally Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, Andriy Parubiy, Irina Gerashchenko and other authorities.

“Trying to be a Christian and a confessional-determined Greek Catholic, I understand that everyone has their own path to God,” wrote Yarosh. “We, Ukrainians, are merciful, and consequently, we crush the enemies of God and Ukraine – with Love.”

The founder of the Right Sector is convinced that the UOC is not the Church, while its hierarchs are not servants of God.

“The so-called UOC MP is not a church. This is the FSB station, which ‘is SS-26 Stone’ in the hands of Satanist Putin, like before it was a weapon in the hands of Stalin, Beria, Zhukov and other atheists. <...> The hierarchy of the so-called UOC MP, who did not find national courage, strength and arguments to join the Ukrainian Church, is thus not the servants of God, but the agent network of the FSB and Putin, which means – the Enemies of Ukraine,” Yarosh noted and assured that ‘hunting Moscow priests’ who faithfully serve Putin and Kirill is a matter pleasing to God and our homeland."

"Get out Moscow priests from Ukraine!" called the MP, who sees the future of Ukraine in the "union of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church." In his opinion, the recognition of such a union by Constantinople and the Vatican will be "the next landmark step in the development of the nation and the state."

As the UOJ reported, law enforcement officers conducted mass searches of UOC clerics in the framework of criminal proceedings under Article 161 of the Criminal Code (“deliberate actions aimed at inciting national, racial or religious hatred and hatred, humiliation of national honor and dignity or insulting the feelings of citizens due to their religious beliefs"). As Protopriest Alexander Bakhov, Chairman of the Legal Department, noted, “law enforcement officers ignore the obvious facts of incitement of religious hatred against the UOC and look for its signs where there are none.”

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