Archbishop Longin to Pat. Bartholomew: You cause so much pain to our hearts

15 December 2018 01:47
Archbishop Longin with pupils of his orphanage Archbishop Longin with pupils of his orphanage

Archbishop Longin of Bancheny responded to Constantinople’s invitation to participate in the "Unification Council".

In a letter to Phanar, a copy of which got at the UOJ's disposal, Archbishop Longin of Bancheny in harsh terms denounces the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine. “Given your decision, you exalt yourself, calling yourself the Mother of all Churches and the ruler of the entire Orthodox world. But where is Christ, who is the head of the true Orthodox Church?” asks His Eminence Longin.

In his letter, Archbishop Longin recalls that at one of the meetings of the heads of the Local Orthodox Churches in Chambesy, Patriarch Bartholomew made a solemn promise not to intervene into the situation in Ukraine, however, his current actions appear as a direct break of this promise.

Archbishop Longin calls the upcoming “unification council” on December 15 the “council of the wicked” and refuses to participate in it. “I am returning your invitation to the schismatic council, refusing to participate in it,” writes the archbishop.

His appeal to Patriarch Bartholomew with the title “Mister”, Archbishop of Bancheny explains as follows: “I called you Mr. Bartholomew, since His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew would have never allowed Pan-Orthodox unity to be destroyed. How much pain you’ve inflicted on the hearts of Orthodox believers, tempted and confused the faithful children of the Church of Christ.”

Archbishop Longin expresses his firm intention to remain loyal to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the end, which he calls the only canonical Church in Ukraine. “We were, are and remain the only canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine with our Primate, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy of Kiev and All Ukraine,” writes  His Eminence.

"May the Lord admonish us all! Amen,” Vladyka Longin concludes his message.

Patriarch Bartholomew sent invitations to the UOC hierarchy to the “unification council”.

Many hierarchs were invited by local authorities.

The UOJ reported that His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy had returned the invitation to the “Council” without an answer. So did the majority of the UOC hierarchs.

The Holy Synod of the UOC resolved to consider the "Unification Council" an unlawful assembly.

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