Met. Sofrony: If there is no independence, Ukrainians do not need Tomos

Metropolitan Sofrony of Cherkassy and Kanev

If the Church to be created in Ukraine does not have real independence, Ukrainians do not need any Tomos from the hands of Constantinople, said Metropolitan Sofrony.

The Tomos, which the Patriarchate of Constantinople will grant the Church in Ukraine, should give it the status of equality with other Local Orthodox Churches. This is stated in the appeal of Metropolitan Sofrony of Cherkassy and Kanev, published on news24ua.

According to Vladyka, on the eve of granting the Tomos after the “unification council,” Ukrainians “have to decide, and upon receiving it, to become dependent on Constantinople, which will be much worse than being dependent on Moscow, or to be free and independent like other Local Orthodox Churches.”

Metropolitan Sofrony explains that the myrrh, which the Ukrainian Church is invited to receive from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, must be made independently. Also, the bishop considers it unnecessary to take the blessing of Constantinople for the ordination of all levels of the priesthood.

The hierarch points out that all the bishops' chairs, monasteries and temples, their rectors and clergy are an inviolable part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In this regard, all issues related to their functioning and life should be resolved exclusively by the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which should not be dependent on external instructions.

“For such independence, we will be sincerely grateful to Constantinople, as well as to other Local Orthodox Churches, which recognize its equal rights. There can be no other “independence” and we do not need it in another form,” he concluded.

Reportedly, Vladyka plans to publish his address on church resources soon.

As the UOJ reported, earlier Metropolitan Sofrony of Cherkassky and Kanev expressed concern that the Tomos might turn into a complete dependence on the Greeks.

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