In Zhitomir, police search the apartment of the rector of the Cathedral

Police searching the apartment of the priest for computer and copying equipment, USB-drives and draft notes

Law enforcers were planning to find printed materials, the content of which could incite interfaith enmity.

On December 3, 2018, law enforcement bodies searched the home of the rector of the Holy Cross Cathedral of the Zhitomir eparchy of the UOC Protopriest Sergiy Gritsayuk.

Father Sergiy told the UOJ that the investigator and police representatives were looking for printed materials and other media in his apartment, the contents of which could incite interfaith hatred. Law enforcers informed the UOC cleric that he was a witness in the case.

According to the text of the search warrant, its purpose is to “search for and seize printed materials (newspapers, leaflets with elements of propaganda content that can lead to incitement of interfaith enmity), as well as computer and copying equipment, printing equipment, USB-drives and optical discs, draft notes, the text of which contains statements that offend the feelings of citizens, supporters and followers of various beliefs, religions and denominations on the basis of their religious beliefs, incite religious enmity and hatred".

During the search at Protopriest Sergiy’s apartment, a computer, two phones, USB-drives and a notebook were seized.

The head of the Opposition Bloc faction, Vadim Novinsky, said that the SBU is questioning about 20 priests of the Rovno and Sarny eparchies of the UOC.

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