Spokesperson for UOC urges not to believe false publications about clergy

Deputy Head of UOC DECR Protopriest Nikolai Danilevich

Protopriest Nikolai Danilevich, UOC DECR deputy head, warns that the mass media have posted a series of dirty publications about the clergymen of the canonical Church.

These publications are custom-made, the UOC spokesperson writes on his Facebook page and urges not to believe the false information.

According to him, the publications appear in the regional media of a “patriotic” orientation, but they can also be reprinted by more famous editions.

 “In the mentioned custom-made materials, they have gone as far as they blame one bishop for having a car of 2003 (!) Year, worth up to 7000 (seven thousand) dollars. It appears to be already luxury," writes Fr. Nikolai.

He also shared the publication of the head of the press service of the Volyn eparchy, Priest Oleg Tochinsky, who explains: “Regional media in Volyn and other regions of Ukraine, as if instructed from above, began to talk about the existing and non-existent property of the episcopate and the clergy of the UOC. Therefore, dear bishops and fathers, do not be surprised if suddenly somewhere some yellow site reports that you own what you don't even have.”

He added: "Apparently, the AP understood that they would not be able to break the UOC over the knee, so they began to extract the pseudo-compromises, giving them for publication to the local media."

As the UOJ reported, earlier His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry has explained that in the modern world there are a lot of temptations for a person, and one of the main trials is false information.

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