KP Spokesman: Filaret came into line with KGB for the good of the Church

Spokesman of the UOC KP Eustratiy Zoria

Eustratiy Zoria explained there is nothing wrong about the collaboration of the head of the Kiev Patriarchate with the KGB.

The head of the UOC KP, Filaret Denisenko, collaborated with the KGB fo the benefit of the Church, said Eustratiy Zoria, spokesman of the Kiev Patriarchate, during the chat with Glavred.

In his opinion, during the times of the Soviet Union, the bishop could not but assist the KGB, "but some bishops agreed to such cooperation for the good of the Church, while others, on the contrary, worked for the KGB using their church position."

The Spokesman of the UOC KP is proud that “of all the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, only one Patriarch Filaret repeatedly and explicitly spoke about what this cooperation was like.”

If the church hierarch did not confess in aiding the bodies of the Russian state security, then he surely worked for them, assures Zoria. And so he accused Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus of being the one who, “among other things,” also served in the KGB. “Patriarch Kirill has never admitted he collaborated with the KGB, which gives grounds, among other things, to assume that he remains under the influence of Russian special services,” wrote Zoria.

Last September, Eustratiy Zoria declared the existence of the “whole network of hierarchs of Local Churches, who are closely connected with the Russian Orthodox Church.” He accused the hierarchs who criticize the split, of promoting the interests of the ROC for the sake of pecuniary reward. The spokesman of the Kiev Patriarchate has never provided evidence of his theory.

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