Video from KP temple with spoon disinfected at "communion" discussed online

A "priest" of the Kiev Patriarchate sterilizing a communion spoon in the flame of a candle

On the published video, you can see a "priest" of the Kiev Patriarchate sterilizing a spoon for the communion in the flame of a candle.

A video from the UOC KP church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin in Krasnaya Slobodka of the Kiev region with a "priest" disinfecting a spoon after each "communion" is being discussed on social media.

The clip was published on the Facebook page by Makar Fadeyev, who constantly posts his "sermons" on social media.

The video shows a "priest" disinfecting a spoon with the help of a candle flame during the "communion", which is being performed in parallel to the sermon.

This practice perplexed Orthodox users of the Facebook.

"What do they put in their hands where do they go with the Cup, why do they put a spoon in the fire? What is this show all about?!" asks Alla Tikhonova.

"It's anyway ... not real. See, the old man knows about this. Hence the sterilization of the spoon," Archbishop Iona (Cherepanov), chairman of the UOC Synodal Department for Youth Affairs, commented on the video.

The preacher himself, the son of the "priest" Makar Fadeyev, admitted in the comments to the video that disinfection is really carried out with the help of the candle flame during the "communion": "The candle for disinfection is true. Some people have contagious diseases that are transmitted through saliva."
At the same time, Fadeyev believes that this procedure "does not belittle the faith".

Earlier, a drunken priest of the UOC KP from the Vydubichi Monastery attempted to shoot himself.

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