A big fuss around Tomos will end with a big "puff", – expert

Deputy Head of the UOC DECR Protopriest Nikolai Danilevich

The Deputy Head of the UOC DECR Protopriest Nikolai Danilevich said that he does not believe in receiving the Tomos on autocephaly of the UOC KP.

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said this in an interview with the radio "Maria".

"At first they said that the Tomos would be on May 28. Where is it?" Father Nikolai asked a rhetorical question. "Then they said that it would be given on July 28. Time passes, where is it? I have reason to say that it will be none. Now they say that they will receive it before the end of the year. And which year? You see, there's a lot of false information around this. I will say for my part: when we communicated with representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, they clearly said: "We did not promise Poroshenko a Tomos for July 28."

Protopriest Nikolai Danilevich recalled one of the first comments on the SLC, which is just starting to become a reality. "A big fuss will begin, as it is happening now, which will end with a big "puff".

The Deputy Head of the DECR also noted that the Tomos by itself will not heal the wound of the schism of Orthodoxy in Ukraine. "You cannot solve the problem from the end," said Father Nikolai. "First, we need to restore unity, and then deal with the issue of autocephaly."

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