Icon appears on a wooden surface in the house of believers near Rovno

The priest placed the image in the church

The image of the Savior appeared on a wooden shelf of the wardrobe, in the house of the believers of the Rivne eparchy, living in the village of Kvasilov.

A strange imprint was noticed by two sisters from the Godlevsky family during repairs in their apartment, reports a UOJ correspondent.

As the elder Julia says, the residents decided to transport the old wardrobe to a private house, because they ordered new furniture. And when the family members were preparing it for installation, dusting and washing the shelves, they drew attention to the image.

"I noticed a drawing as if it was made by ink. At first, I did not even notice that it was an image of the Savior," says Julia. "I took a wet cloth and started rubbing, only the drawing was not washed. When I looked more closely, I noticed that it was the image of Jesus Christ. I just got chills and called my relatives."

Having examined the image altogether, they assumed that the grandmother, to whom the wardrobe belonged, might have put a calendar or an icon on the shelf and it was imprinted on the wooden surface.

However, after a thorough rubbing and even attempts to scrape off the image, this version was rejected.

The Godlevsky family took out the shelf with the Savior's image from the wardrobe and watched it for several days in a row. The girls say that with each passing day the icon grew brighter and more colored.

The miraculous appearance of an image on a wooden shelf of Godlevsky’s wardrobe was reported to the local priest, Protopriest Roman Leoshek. The father took the image to the church and placed it on the analogion for worship.

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