In Sudobichi parish of the UOC KP-raided temple starts building a new one

The village of Sudobichi of Dubno district, Rovno region

In the village of Sudobichi, Dubno district of Rovno region, believers are trying to start the construction of a new church.

The construction of the temple in the village will commence after a postal address has been appropriated to the land plot, reports the UOJ correspondent.

Believers of the UOC are forced to build a new church: four years ago, supporters of the UOC-KP during the raider seizure deprived them of the right to pray in their temple.

The land for the construction of the temple was donated by Alexander Marchuk. According to eyewitnesses, the man first joined the supporters of the Kyiv Patriarchate, regularly visited their services, and then dramatically changed his views and returned to the fold of the canonical Church.

"I asked Alexander why he stopped going to church, where the Kyiv Patriarchate is now serving," says protopriest Alexander Kardash, rector of the UOC's church in Sudobichi. "He replied that the service is too short, fast and modified, and he does not like it. I will add from myself that Alexander Marchuk, a former Afghan warrior, has health problems, and I noticed that it is his faithfulness to the Church, the fervor in prayer that helps him go through life, overcome pain."

The UOC believers planned to start construction of the new church last year, but the local village council authorities blocked the construction site, not giving consent to the appropriation of the postal address.

"Twice the executive committee of the village council did not give consent to register the postal address," Father Alexander commented. “We still do not have a number, only Kremenetska Street is indicated. Actually, this is the main obstacle to the construction of the temple."

Despite the obstacles from local activists of the Kyiv Patriarchate, the believers of the UOC try persistently to achieve their goal: they have recently erected a fence around the land where the church is to be built and struck a well for water. Believers of the village say: as soon as they have managed to seek justice, construction will begin immediately.

Now the community is performing worship services in a small rural hut, which was donated by a concerned parishioner.

As reported by the UOJ, the interdenominational dispute in Sudobichi began on September 11, 2014 – on this day members of the Kyiv Patriarchate took away the temple from the believers of the UOC.

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