Council of Churches condemns the state’s information policy

March in support of traditional family values gathered thousands of people in Kiev

Representatives of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations believe that the interests of believers today are underrepresented in the information space of Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations wrote an open letter to Board Director of public joint-stock company National Public TV and Radio Company of Ukraine Zurab Alasanini, in which it expressed its standpoint, reports the Institute of Religious Freedom.

Representatives of the Council of Churches pointed out that a large social group of Ukraine – believing people – does not receive proper coverage on air.

The TV channels practically ignored the All-Ukrainian Movement in defense of the rights of children and family values in their news though this action had gathered about 10 thousand citizens in the center of Kiev on June 2.

"One can understand and forgive the symptomatic" blindness "of the oligarch-controlled media (with single exceptions) to more than 10,000 faithful people in the center of the capital who care for the future of Ukrainian families and the future of Ukraine," the letter reads. “After all, let the Lord be a judge for their pledges of honesty and impartiality. But Public Broadcasting, which turns a blind eye to such significant actions in favor of either a temporary conjuncture or dictates of a non-traditional minority, cannot be excused such a deliberate silence."

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What do you think Poroshenko creates under the guise of the Single Local Church?
a new schismatic structure controlled by the state
an autocephalous Church, which Phanar will take under its omophorion
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