Radical Youtube-channel calls to grab UOC temples

Since 2014, nationalists have repeatedly made attempts to seize the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

After the statement of Petro Poroshenko about the imminent creation of the SLOC (Single Local Orthodox Church – Ed.) in Ukraine, the radicals stepped up their activities.

The Youtube-channel laid a half-hour program, which explains in detail – how and why to seize the temples of the UOC.

In the program, the presenters reported that the media had misinterpreted the call of the nationalists "to burn beards of the Moscow priests." It was "just" about the capture of temples.

Then the interlocutors came to the conclusion that the ROC is "Moscow heresy, which has nothing to do with Christianity," while Christianity itself is a "provocation." At the same time, the radicals, according to them, are acting according to the precepts of Jesus Christ and intend to "drive Pharisees and hucksters out of temples" like the Lord did."

The nationalists see the "liberation of the Lavra from the Moscow occupation" as their immediate goal, while their main idea is to "eliminate the Moscow Patriarchate as such".

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