Chernigov radicals threaten authorities for cooperation with UOC

Right-wing radical organizations openly declare a negative attitude towards the Church

Right-wing organizations opposed the participation of the UOC in public events with the permission of the state bodies of the Chernigov region.

Radicals promised the authorities "appropriate consequences" in case of continued cooperation with the Church, as said in the joint statement of the C14-Chernigov and representatives of the VO "Svoboda", "Right Sector", "National Corps", the association "Free People" and the All-Ukrainian public organization "Sokol".

According to the radicals, "The religious group of the MP seeks to legalize itself at various government events." They called "especially cynical" the Church's speeches among the students in Nezhin and the consecration of water using the communal water pipe on the Feast of the Epiphany.

"The main message that we want to convey to the authorities is: if you cooperate with representatives of the aggressor country, it will be your responsibility and there will be corresponding consequences," the nationalists stressed.

The grounds for banning the public activities of the UOC were called "systematic anti-Ukrainian activities", which, in their opinion, is done by the canonical Church. They did not mention specific examples of such activities, confining themselves to general accusations of disseminating "anti-Ukrainian literature", "icons with Moscow tsars" (plural - Ed.) and "those who massively killed Ukrainians". Nationalists also consider it unacceptable to claim that in Ukraine there is a "fratricidal, civil war" and that Russians are a "fraternal people".

In addition, the activists made a loud statement that in Chernigov region "the religious group of the MP is forming combat pro-Russian detachments under the cover of the ‘Orthodox’ wing". In their opinion, the Security Service, the police and law enforcement agencies do not notice this, and the authorities serve "the pro-Russian forces."

That is why, they believe, the activists take on the functions of law enforcers and also urge Ukrainian citizens "not to be afraid to take responsibility".

As reported by the UOJ, the SSU is confident that the seizures of UOC churches are "artificially inspired".

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