Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich): Local Churches support only the UOC (VIDEO)

UOC Chancellor, Metropolitan of Borispol and Brovary Anthony (Pakanich) told the UOJ correspondent what kind of relations there should be between the Church and the state.

"Virtually all Local Churches wrote letters to the leaders of our state in order to express their opinion," said Bishop Anthony. “And this opinion is that unity cannot be achieved through aggression in the Christian world. All Local Churches pray to overcome the calamity that is going on in Ukraine. And representatives of the Local Churches who came to Ukraine to celebrate the Holiday of the Monk Anthony of Caves once again spoke about this: they talked about the support of the UOC and said that the state should do everything in its power to maintain religious peace in the country. The state is responsible for this."

Metropolitan Anthony drew attention to the fact that gross interference by the state in the affairs of the Church is not appropriate.

"The Church is separated from the state, and none of the statesmen should interfere in the affairs of the Church," said the UOC Chancellor. “Sure, we can cooperate and create the future of our Motherland together. Yes, the Church has its own direction, but there are points of contact. We could be equal partners. And this equality would indicate that we trust each other. The UOC is the Church of the Ukrainian people, which shares everything with them: both joy and sorrow.

And all existing problems painfully echo in the heart of every believer. Therefore, regardless of the developments, we will call for peace, tranquility and tolerance."

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