Chemist-scientist proves existence of God

A scientific work of professor of Bashkiria University Nazhip Valitov “Vacuum fluctuations by the chemical excitation of atoms, molecules and a chaotic state of electromagnetic and gravitational field lines” has created a furor. Notably not only in the scientific environment, but also among spiritual leaders all over the world, according to UNIAN with reference to

The work is now available at 45 scientific libraries and 12 countries of the world, including the US, Great Britain, France, Japan. A unique feature of this monograph consists in the ability of Valitov to prove using strict formulas that all objects in the Universe interact with one another instantly, irrespective of the distance between them.

It used to be considered no interaction is possible at the speed exceeding that of light. This fact, according to the professor himself, tells about the existence of a certain one supreme force in the Universe.

The professor has got familiar to Koran, Bible and Torah and was ultimately surprised at how much they are similar. “In all Holy Scriptures there is one and the same thing – they speak about the Almighty being all-seeing and all-hearing. Atheist scientists used to criticize this moment referring to the speed of light, which particles of the Universe interact with, having the limit.

According to their logic, this could tell that the Almighty is unable to hear and see all actions of humans at once. Now that there is a proof that the interaction of particles in the Universe takes place instantly, regardless the distance these particles are positioned from each other, one can speak of a certain force everything is subjected to. It can be called in whatever way: God, Logos, and the Supreme Being. After all, it does not affect the crux of the matter,” says professor Valitov.

Professor of Bashkiria University Nazhip Valitov is a world-renowned chemist. He used to be quite far from theology and deal with science-related issues solely.
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