“Azov” nationalist party nests extremely brutal neo-pagans, – sectologist

“Nationalist Corpse” party, born from “Azov” Civil Corpse on 14th October, consists for a greater part of native faith neo-pagans. It is reported by Vesti.

“Their ideology arises from pre-Christian nationalist traditions, rituals, customs and maxims. They are particularly atrocious and this attracts attention of new adepts from the youth environment,” says sect expert Vladimir Rogatin. According to him, 60% of “Azov” members are followers of pagan sects. Even an idol of Perun has been recently erected in Mariupol on the regiment territory.

An occult symbol of “Black Sun” (broken radial rays coming out of the black circle) is signed in “Azov” symbolics, tattooed on fighters’ bodies and those of the NC members, and was actively used by the Nazi Germany to communicate distinctive abilities to the “Nordic race”.

“A lot of our ‘native believers’ joined “Azov”, they fought together. “Azov” members also come round and take part in festivities of Perun and Kupala idols. Besides, neo-pagans participate in the NC party’s work on site, told magus Svitovit from Zaporozhye. – Personally, I do not become a party member, since I am a wizard, but I do not forbid anyone to do it.”

Party’s spokesman Alexandr Alferov told “Vesti” that pagan organizations are not prohibited in Ukraine and one cannot influence confession preferences of the party members: “We condemn only participation in marginal organizations.”
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