In Baranovka Jesus Christ image was painted over for separatism and affiliation to the Russian world

On August 23, a Mural with Jesus Christ image, which had been created on the wall of the former stationary traffic police checkpoint by artists Vladimir Kravchuk and Valentin Getman, was painted over white. It was reported by the independent information site of Baranovka city.

According to deputy of Baranovka district council Oleg Kovalsky, such decision was adopted on August 22 by the round table participants with participation of representatives of political forces, NGOs and activists. “We held the first meeting on August 18, but no particular decision was taken then. On August 22 participants of the round table adopted a unanimous decision to ask the artists to paint over the image on this Mural. They refused to do that. Then we decided to do it ourselves,” said Oleg Kovalsky.

On 23 August the mural with Jesus Christ image on the wall of the former stationary traffic police checkpoint was painted over and it was decided that the community would define the destiny of the checkpoint building.

“We will eradicate any manifestations or even hints of separatism or “Russian world” irrespective of ranks or party affiliation. Tomorrow we will put here national flags on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence,” said Oleg Kovalsky.

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How do you assess the Phanar's statements about possible union with Catholics?
negatively, association with heretics is impossible
why not, we used to be one Church
this is the case of Phanar and the RCC, we have nothing to do with it
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