Miracles of Cross Procession. Three stories

11 August 2016 02:01
Miracles of Cross Procession. Three stories

"Don’t be embarrassed if you do not feel the love of God,
but think of the Lord that He is merciful, and abstain from sins, and the grace of God will teach you"

Saint Silouan, the Athonite

We do not doubt that every believer who took part in the All-Ukrainian Cross Procession of peace, love and prayer for Ukraine, can tell their story of what the Cross Procession gave them personally.

The UOJ has chosen only three stories, but they are very illustrative.       

Vladimir Turkevich, a resident of the village of Zmievo:

– Before the start of the Cross Procession, I accidentally spilt boiling water on the right shoulder. And there was a backpack to carry. Its strap rubbed my shoulder almost to the meat – it was horrible! It hurt terrible. Next to us was a woman, Julia. "Take some oil from the church," – she offered. First I did not believe her, honestly. It would seem that so many times the Lord revealed His miracles to me, but I sometimes had lack of faith, though. This time I had no choice. So I put some oil on the wound. Why not?      

In the morning I could not believe my eyes! The shoulder did not hurt while walking. When we stopped for dinner, the woman, Julia by name, asked: "Well, let me see your shoulder, how are the wounds?" I took off my shirt to see that the skin was clean! As if there was nothing on the shoulder.     

What other wonders did we witness? I remember a very young woman. She was walking from the very Svyatogorsk Lavra. She had a child with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She almost spent herself – nothing helped her child to recover. So she decided to participate in the cross procession. People should always have hope. And she was also driven by big hope! Hardly had they walked for a few days, when her boy began to straight a bit his legs. The woman’s eyes were full of tears of joy – so happy she was!    

As I myself got into the Church? We followed our daughter. Yes. Her school teacher sometimes took the class to the church. Well, we did not mind. Then we attended to see for ourselves what it was like? At first, we didn’t take it all. What for? It looked strange to us. I don’t remember why we decided to take part in the cross procession to the Pochaev Lavra for the first time. Maybe because we were going through hard times in the family? Oh, whenever we talked, we fought. In the Pochaev Lavra we spent three days. And there was a feeling that it wasn’t we who walk our way but God leads us.

Tatiana Voroniuk, Kharkov:

– We joined the Cross Procession near Kharkov. And on the third day, a horror befell on my feet: all were blistered and red. They were scary looking. I was offered to call an ambulance. And I do not know why but I refused it. Maybe it was a premonition. I waited for the Cross Procession so much and wanted to go. And there’s this! Once we stopped in the village of Gorbanevka, where there is a church in honor of the Gorbanevka Mother of God and a holy spring. We were allowed to bathe, and I took a chance. And all the wounds disappeared! Overnight. Miracles do happen!      

And why did I want to take part in the Cross Procession so much? My husband and I have participated in cross processions for 15 years. However, it was the first time we had joined such a big one. It's all for a reason! It is during the procession four years ago my son Bogdan met his future wife, Alexandra. Yes. So they walked, prayed and talked, of course. Afterwards, they texted each other and chatted in their youth networks. Four years later they decided to get married. And again soon they will go with us to the Pochaev Lavra. And my daughter, Nastia by name, intends to join us too. It's a miracle – to feel a sense of unity and love of God! Yes, a real miracle!

Valentina Tsilos, Ostroh district

The story of this woman surprised and pleased many cross walkers. While the previous participants of the All-Ukrainian Cross Procession, whose histories we have told you above, walked for several weeks, came to Kiev and participated in the prayer service, Valentine belonged to those who joined the faithful at least for a while. But that "little bit" was for many the feat that brought the result.

It all started with the fact that seriously ill and almost homebound Valentina begged her already adult daughter:

– Take me on the bus. I would like to walk as much as 12 kilometers with the believers or at least meet the Cross Procession.

– Mum, what are you talking about? You can barely stand on your legs, to say nothing of going in the cross procession. Don't be silly! – the daughter refused.

When being left at home alone, Valentina still took a bus to meet the Cross Procession. She intended at least to look at it, to pray and return home again by bus."

And having seen in the Cross Procession, she suddenly felt strong enough to go with other believers 12 kilometers to her village.

– I can't believe it! Yes, it really happens?! See, I again walk, shared Valentina her joy and happiness with the pilgrims. Besides, she took some pilgrims to her home for the night. And in the morning the woman saw the Procession off.
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