– Father, can I leave in the middle of the service? My wife wants me to go shopping with her.

– In no way. A prayer and a memorial service are ahead.

– Thank you very much, Father!!!

At heart, all people are good. Only the depth is different.

Folk wisdom: "If a righteous person appears in a family, then everyone else automatically becomes martyrs."

I’ve bought a smart refrigerator ... Every time I try to open it after 18-00, it speaks: "man shall not live by bread alone, patience is the mother of virtue, if there is a day, there is food."

You will not surprise me, grandson, with wireless connection! I've been praying for 70 years!

If someone distanced themselves from you – do not get upset ... Perhaps this is God's answer to your prayer: "But deliver us from evil!"

– Do you know when the fasting ends? So that we could eat meat at ease.
 Can't you eat it?
 I do eat.... But somehow ill at ease.

– Father, I’ve received a pension ID card with number 666 ...

– And in my Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes begins on page 666, what shall we do?

At the sermon:

– Who here knows what needs to be done before asking the Lord for forgiveness for your sins?

A voice from the audience:

– To sin?!

A prayer of an Orthodox girl:

– I do not ask for myself, Lord, give my mother a very good son-in-law...


Should the UOC be involved in peacemaking in the Donbass?
Yes, Christ commanded us to be peacemakers.
No, this is a matter for the authorities.
It is pointless, the politicians do not want peace.
Total votes: 13


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