Love your enemies, they are your most loyal fans.

– Father, can I leave in the middle of the service? My wife wants me to go shopping with her.

– In no way. A prayer and a memorial service are ahead.

– Thank you very much, Father!!!

At heart, all people are good. Only the depth is different.

Folk wisdom: "If a righteous person appears in a family, then everyone else automatically becomes martyrs."

I’ve bought a smart refrigerator ... Every time I try to open it after 18-00, it speaks: "man shall not live by bread alone, patience is the mother of virtue, if there is a day, there is food."

You will not surprise me, grandson, with wireless connection! I've been praying for 70 years!

If someone distanced themselves from you – do not get upset ... Perhaps this is God's answer to your prayer: "But deliver us from evil!"

– Do you know when the fasting ends? So that we could eat meat at ease.
 Can't you eat it?
 I do eat.... But somehow ill at ease.

– Father, I’ve received a pension ID card with number 666 ...

– And in my Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes begins on page 666, what shall we do?

At the sermon:

– Who here knows what needs to be done before asking the Lord for forgiveness for your sins?

A voice from the audience:

– To sin?!


Is the creation of the Exarchate of the ROC in Africa justified?
Yes, because the Patriarch of Alexandria has gone into schism
No, this is the expansion of the ROC into the territory of the Church of Alexandria
Can't make up my mind yet
Total votes: 143


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