Neuronet – a demonic religion of the New World Order

18 May 2020 17:14
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A paralyzed state of mind means, in fact, its slow death. One of the most powerful viruses that provokes such paralysis is fear. What are we afraid of?

Foreword: What is behind the pandemic?

At the Sunday Liturgy two weeks ago, we read a passage from the Holy Scriptures, which was about the healing of a paralytic person, about how the Savior cured a paralyzed man. This compelled me to talk about palsy in a broader sense, in light of the events taking place worldwide.

A paralyzed state of soul means, in fact, its slow death. One of the most powerful viruses that provokes such a state of mind is fear. The Holy Fathers attributed fear to some kind of insanity. Today, a large part of humanity is sinking in this state of mental palsy.

I do not classify myself as a person who believes that there is no virus and that the pandemic problem is artificially inflated. On the contrary, I’m sure there is a disease, which is very dangerous, and one needs to take all possible efforts to protect themselves from it. However, I also have a profound intuitive feeling that behind the screen of the global pandemic, there is a change of scenery on a global scale. The scene where all these permutations are taking place is hidden from the audience by the curtain of the coronavirus. While all of the petrified humanity is watching the curtain, new software for the technocratic model of world order is being designed behind it.

The universal pandemic has an important function – to frighten its spectators as much as possible.

Because only in this case the puppet masters of the New World Order can count on people agreeing to live according to the new rules. Therefore, the media are tasked to make everyone fear-ridden.

I decided to raise this hot-button issue, since it is directly related to the issues of soul salvation, personal freedom, the right to faith and life in accordance with my religious beliefs. This applies not only to the Orthodox, but also to representatives of other faiths and even atheists. After all, this problem concerns everyone. In what capacity are we going to continue our existence on Earth – as free human beings or as biological impersonal mechanisms?

Digitalization of personality

It does not make a big difference whether the state will be in your pocket or in a smartphone. Because the users of this product will be controlled by the one who owns the software. The digitization of our personality began, in fact, not today and not yesterday. At least one and a half generation has been living with a certain part of their consciousness in the digital world. Their minds are tightly attached to the screens of gadgets and computers, without which they can no longer feel full-fledged people.

A generation with modified consciousness is coming into its own, whose brain works on the machine algorithm platform. Such a brain will coexist harmoniously with the new software that can interact with the psycho-emotional component of their personality.

The transformation of education on the online learning platform is also an integral part of this program, which is successfully implemented under quarantine. It will get even more complicated and will be subsequently called an individual-digital learning trajectory whatever. Education plays a crucial role by the formation of a digitized personality. It moulds the cultural code of the nation, switching schoolchildren’s mindset into IT direction.

Neuronet Religion

Thus, the biological elements of Neuronet are grown to replace the outdated Internet. A person will become an element of a neural network, with his brain interacting with a computer using software that will be integrated into the human body by means of a chip. The neuroenvironment will become a new human community and will be subordinated to a single governing center.

Everything I’m writing about may seem to someone a kind of sci-fi, a figment of my fevered imagination, but believe me, this is not so. There is enough factual and scientifically based evidence that indicates plans for the implementation of new technologies to be introduced into our lives over the next decades. All of the following is, in fact, a roadmap for a global technological perspective. It consists of several stages.

Implementation steps

The first stage we are going through now is biometrical: biometric data are collected, this information is read and stored, and a single database of all the inhabitants of the planet is created. At the same time, work is underway to improve the “hardware” of the neuronet — reading facial expressions, gestures, movements, biological manifestation of emotions, personal identification through remote access, and so on. Active work is also underway to create information systems to process not only biometric data, but also psycho-informational, i.e. our thoughts, emotions and feelings. The tasks of computer-aided “brain-to-brain” transmission of neuroinformation have already been successfully solved.

The second stage is the creation of neural interfaces that will work inside the body, controlling the life support system of the human body, and recreate mental states of a person necessary for the control center. A neural network will allow people to exchange not only thoughts, but also mental states. The need to know foreign languages for communication will disappear. Thus, the problem created by God after the fall of the Tower of Babel, when people began to speak in different languages, will disappear. Humanity will be able to freely communicate with one another as part of the neural network.

In general, in its advertising packaging, Neuronet promises people the fruit of knowledge that can make their life “paradisical” without having to leave home.

The third stage is an improved Neuronet, which will be able to artificially design various states of consciousness, mental sensations, improve memory, and increase the activity of the nervous system. A human personality will become a dependent component of the general social consciousness. People will form a single neural community. A human being will cease to exist as an independent free thinking personality.

While people are under the hypnotic lockdown fear, 5G communication towers are being actively established worldwide, as the speed of information transfer for new technologies requires new standards. This is happening despite the fact that a huge number of scientists have testified to the mortal danger of electromagnetic radiation in the fifth generation standard. At the same time, an artificial intelligence project is being developed simultaneously with the Neuronet project, in which a lot of money is invested.

The strategic idea of the possibility of managing humanity from a single center was born long ago. Long before German fascism, Kabbalah, masonry, and all kinds of occult trends professed this idea. The key task of the Gnostics was to divide humanity into the select few and the great faceless mass.

This plan has been hatched for centuries and maybe millennia. The passage by mankind of various socio-economic formations was just small steps towards this ultimate goal. The introduction of a single monetary equivalent, giving up subsistence farming, destruction of the centuries-old tradition of family labor production and much more are also milestones on the path to full, unlimited, absolute, from the point of view of the devil, power over each and everyone.

Now the pandemic makes it possible to conduct large-scale exercises to establish control over the movement of large masses of people, their isolation and regulation of their mental state. Special services are working out a methodology for detecting (via mobile phones) congestion of a large number of persons in a small space, etc. All these are small training exercises aimed at implementing future large projects. For example, the “Smart City” program which has already been announced for the near future will enable to create any major metropolis into a prison concentration camp with strict rules of global control over each resident.

Today, we are also on the doorstep of introducing mass, human-independent technologies, which will be given enormous powers to govern the state.

What is the goal of Neuronet owners

This whole system will become possible under one condition – voluntary transformation of human consciousness. Neuronet do not need those who are able to think independently; people with critical thinking and, especially, with religious convictions are dangerous to it. The neuronet is a system of dehumanization of a person who should not have moral principles, conscience, like any machine that cannot have them. The ultimate goal of the New World Order is to turn a person into a neurohybrid with elements of artificial technologies, collective thinking based on artificial intelligence and with some residual elements of human biology.

We see how mass brainwashing of people by mass media works, as exemplified by different small-town revolutions, when a “perturbed mind of the collective popular consciousness began to boil” immediately after an invisible hand pressed the “play” button. We can see only the tip of an iceberg when a great share of people would seek the blood of the next enemy of their well-being. But we can see neither technology, nor those puppeteers who skillfully control people, ordering them to hate those whom they labeled.

Neuronet’s technologies make it possible to penetrate not only the consciousness, but also subconsciousness. Whatever such a person does, he will always be sure that he does it of his own free will, and not because external technologists have imposed it on him. Thus, today it is possible to control any state from the outside without conquering it with tanks. Those who own the media will have power. Further, this power will move to a deeper, individually oriented level with the help of new technologies.

Today, for the same purpose, traditional family ties are broken all over the world and new models of family relations are promoted. All these are links of one chain, the ultimate goal of which is the New World Order, which will rule with the help of the Neural Network.

At present, not so much a virus is dreadful as the war that has been declared to all of humanity and of which it is a harbinger. The purpose of this war is the destruction of our freedom, the dignity of our personality, our God-likeness. It is precisely for this end that the social atmosphere that accompanies the current quarantine measures is created: fear, the highest possible escalation of panic sentiments, the instillation of a chilling sense of horror. All this, in fact, is both a development of new technologies for consciousness control and an instrument for changing the individual consciousness of those who fall into the coverage area of these technologies.

What shall we do?

  1. Understand what is happening. To be forewarned means to be forearmed. The ability to see, to give a spiritual assessment of the developments will help to find the answer to the question of what to do in a given situation.
  2. Not be afraid, because fear is the main weapon of the devil, which turns a person into a insane man. Remember that God does not leave his flock in trouble. “The one who stands firm to the end will be saved” (Mark 13:13).
  3. To keep communion with God, to be faithful to Him until death, to live according to the Commandments, no matter how hard and complicated it might be. Ceaseless prayer is a life buoy that will not allow you to drown as general insanity and overall panic deepen.

No matter how events in this world develop further, the Christian has no reason to be discouraged. Christ is Risen, which means the last word will be His.

God is not only our Creator, but also the Father. If we, simple sinful people, never cut our children adrift, God will never leave us all the more. And the One who said, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20) will always be with us and will not allow us to endure more than we can endure.

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