Touching the mystery of death

What do people fear most? Variants are possible, but probably death causes most questions, as well as fear.

First of all, the inevitability of death frightens most. It is inevitable for everyone. To say that we are all going to die is just as trivial as saying that we all need food and sleep. But if the latter we really need, death we would prefer to avoid.

Secondly, we prefer to avoid it because we are afraid of the unknown. We do not know how we will die and when. And most importantly, we know very little about what will happen after that.

For the believers there is the Holy Scripture that with the help of images and symbols gives us the opportunity to touch the mystery of death. And so we, Christians, are rather afraid not to die than to appear before the Judgment of God. Non-believers do not have even this knowledge. What they face is the complete unknown complete. Hence is the fear of death.

Thirdly, the process of dying is actually always associated with suffering and pain, which every living being, not just people, is afraid of.

In a word, we do not want to die, we fear that, but in the end we shall die. Perhaps that is why this topic is so unpopular today. The man tries to deceive and convince themselves that death is still too far away and to prepare for it, regardless of age, is early. When he/she is faced with the death of other people, their relatives, for example, he/she tries to smooth out the unpleasant impression. That is why the dead are dressed up, often put on makeup to look younger and better. In short, much effort is taken for death not to be so terrible.

In addition, talks of death are becoming more and more unpopular in society. To initiate the topic with a decent and educated man that the time will come for him/her to die means to offend him/her (at best), and at worst – to become a "mortal" enemy.

But Christianity constantly reminds us that life is short. And all the time you need to spend it on something that will enable you face Christ with dignity. This is the meaning and content of life. And death is a step towards eternity. And one must live so that this step will be directed towards God. Then we have nothing to be afraid of. Nothing at all.

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