Why Halloween attracts the youth

The head of the Administrative Apparatus of the Kyiv Metropolia of the UOC Archimandrite Viktor (Kotsaba):

– The so-called "holiday" of Halloween, which many people are going to celebrate in the coming days, in fact, has nothing to do with holidays.

This "celebration" is based on the elements of counterculture that is the protest against the established order of things, or traditions. And that is why it attracts the youth so much. And along with this it possesses a feature of infernality, of the service to the evil that cannot but worry a Christian.

Many of those who are going to "celebrate" Halloween are convinced that for their part they are clean before God. They believe that this day is just another reason to make jokes and play the buffoon, and it won’t harm the soul in any way. However, this is not the case.

The fact is that if dressing up in some kind of demonic costume, people believe it to be a mere joke, the very father of evil, that is, the devil, does not think so. For him, what is happening is very serious. He uses the "celebration" to secure his "position" in the human soul. Evil almost always comes to us under any guise – a joke, an imaginary good or benefit, etc. Think of how many seemingly harmless jokes ended in tears, sufferings or even death. This is even more evident when it comes to direct flirting with evil, as in the case of Halloween.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that, once joking (wearing the horns) on this "holiday", you will not fall into Satan's dependence for life.

Moreover, entering your soul, even under the guise of a joke, incomprehensible fun or carnival frenzy, Satan will not leave it just like that. To fall into his hands is very easily, but that's very difficult to break free.

In addition, Halloween destroys the Christian understanding of the word "holiday". This is a celebration of what? What happened on this day that we have to celebrate it? It is alien to our age-old culture, to our values and our understanding of what is good and evil. There is nothing good in the romantic image of evil, believe me, because there is no romance there, but death and eternal torment.

So let us think together what the price of this fun is and if it is worth selling your immortal soul for a few hours of clowning.
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