The UOJ is an association of Orthodox journalists established in Ukraine in 2015 to defend the interests of canonical Orthodoxy.

In recent years, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, headed by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry, has been subjected to constant persecution by the Ukrainian authorities. With their connivance, schismatics and radical nationalists seize UOC temples, beat up priests and parishioners and terrorize the flock.

After Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople granted the Tomos of autocephaly to the Ukrainian schismatic structure, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), by his sole decision, persecution of the UOC has only intensified. And what is happening in our country has become the main hotbed of schism in the entire world Orthodoxy.

Our goal is to fully and objectively cover everything that happens both in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to our videos, the world has learned about the excesses and atrocities of schismatics in Ptycha, Katerynivka and dozens of other hotspots. Unfortunately, our map of religious conflicts is growing. Today, the violent policy of the Phanar, which is trying to impose its will on all local Orthodox Churches and force them to recognize Ukrainian schismatics – the OCU, has been added to the local confrontations around Ukrainian temples.

We are for canonical Orthodoxy and we believe that only through joint efforts can we confront the lies and hypocrisy of the persecutors of the Church. If you want to share important information or become part of the UOJ team, write to us at [email protected].