UOC – is not a Church! – Scandalous chaplain Medinsky

UGCC chaplain Nikolai Medinsky, notorious for the illegal seizure of the UOC temple in Kolomyia, said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not a Church. Medinsky made this statement on February 9 at the press-conference in the Ukrainian Crisis Media-Center.

Speaking of the Tithes temple of the UOC, which is facing the risk of destruction, the scandalous chaplain declared, "When the FSB actors use icons, cassocks and crosses as elements of their criminal activities in support of the Moscow chauvinistic empire, I'm sorry, but this is not spirituality, it is not the Church and it is not a chapel".

In a subsequent speech Medinsky said how to "properly act" with regard to the UOC.

"We need to get the demands consolidated to prohibit in Ukraine any activities of those structures and organizations that are under the direct influence of the Moscow empire, the Moscow Patriarchate ranking first as an ideological mouthpiece of the" Russian world" in our land," said the chaplain of the UGCC. "We do not persecute anyone, but we must all demand that they leave our territory until the war is over."Until Russia recognizes the atrocities committed before the Ukrainian people, until it repents to the whole world for these atrocities, until it compensates for the losses incurred by the Ukrainian people, until they return the stolen territories, the UOC has to take the name that belongs to it: the ROC in Ukraine. We must strive to restore Divine and Ukrainian truth."

The chaplain “did restore the truth” in Kolomyia when during the takeover of the UOC temple he permitted himself physical abuse with regard to the parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
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