Head of Jewish Committee points to growing anti-Semitism in Ukraine

The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, analyzes an article published in the central newspaper of the city of Chertkov, Ternopol region, and notes that the style of writing and attitude towards Jews is very reminiscent of the rhetoric of the Nazi occupation. Dolinsky wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"The editor-in-chief of the publication Maryana Polyanskaya decided to find out," Why do we have so many kikes in power "? writes Dolinsky (orthography is preserved, - Ed.). “She asks a rhetorical question and answers it herself: "If you delve deeper into history, then you could always find kikes where there was money, power, benefits." Even her grandmother told her that one kike “was driving her out of the hut with three children at Christmas, because her husband had lost and drunk away this house to him."

The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee notes that Maryana Polyanskaya was also unhappy with the international situation, where, in her words, "Trump, Merkel, Saakashvili, Shirak, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Truman, Lincoln and many more presidents – they are all Jews." The current authorities in Ukraine also came in for the journalist’s criticism.

"Maryana comes to the conclusion that Jews are not to blame for the country's problems, but Ukrainians are guilty, who "allow all Jews, Romanians, Poles, Americans to "parade", quotes Dolinsky. “There is only one way out: "Ukraine needs a leader – Ukrainian – a real master, a nationalist, whose native tongue is Ukrainian, a former military man, an honest and responsible Ukrainian."

Prior to that, Dolinsky wrote that the head of Kharkov branch of the international charitable Catholic foundation "Karitas", Daryush Andrusenko, said that Jews themselves are to blame for the Holocaust.
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