Believers gather at the prayer service in support of Tithes Monastery

Near Tithes Monastery a prayer service has just finished in support of the monastery and its brethren, having gathered over 500 Orthodox faithful. It is reported by the UOJ correspondent.

Retired woman Valentina Kudriavskaya, a parishioner the UOC temple of the Holy Prince Oleg Briansky, says that the attack on the churches and monasteries of the UOC is our pain. "Our grandfathers and grandmothers went to these temples," she says. "They brought us here, and we received light in these temples."They are native to us, we will never give them up, and we love them. Our priests, our temples give us the opportunity to live in this difficult world."

She says that she is very sorry for the activists who come to the monastery with threats, because sooner or later they will have to pay for all their actions, and not only will they pay for their excesses, but also their descendants.

According to her, even in the last years of the Soviet regime there was no such negative and disgraceful attitude towards the shrines and clergymen who pray for our peace.

This time the prayerful standing went quietly and without any provocations.

On February 3 right-wing radicals announced an action in support of the arsonists of the Desyatinny Monastery. Fearing that activists would go from their venue to organize provocations near the monastery, indifferent believers gathered for a prayer service in defense of the monastery and its brothers.

Earlier, on February 3, three thousand believers of the UOC gathered for a prayer service in defense of the monastery from the radicals who had threatened to destroy the monastery. The monastery was being defended by the Orthodox faithful during 10 hours.

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