Criminal case against UOC eparchy is violation of the Constitution, – expert

The accusation of UOC representatives of inciting religious hatred and enmity contradicts the Constitution and common sense, commented the chairman of the board of the Institute of Ukrainian Politics Kost Bondarenko to the UOJ.

"This is a violation of the article of the Constitution, according to which the state is separated from the Church, and the Church from the state," said Bondarenko. "In this situation, there is no incitement of hatred, and there are simply peculiarities of the worship, which in principle is consistent with the church statute, canons, common sense and logic, with which, unfortunately, there are problems with the Prosecutor's Office."

On January 11, the Prosecutor's Office of the Zaporozhye region initiated a criminal case against the local eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Representatives of the UOC are accused of actions aimed at inciting religious enmity and hatred.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, such actions are "a selective approach to the exercise of religious rites" and "providing benefits to those who underwent a baptismal ceremony with the UOC-MP", which allegedly offends religious feelings of other citizens.

In addition, the Zaporozhye eparchy of the UOC, as well as representatives of the public organization Radomir, is accused of "condemning the communication of representatives of the Church in the Ukrainian language".

Law enforcers saw a violation of the law in statements for "the unity of the Slavic Orthodox peoples under the spiritual guidance of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC)". The Prosecutor's Office claims that among the parishioners of churches "information about the need to unite Ukraine with Russia is disseminated", "the European direction of the development of our state and the ATO are condemned", and "the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine are justified".
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A woman confessing to a priest:

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