Political expert: President is responsible for his favoring only one confession

Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Ukrainian Politics Kost Bondarenko believes that the top leadership of the state and law enforcement agencies may have a hand in the blocking of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the agiotage around the refusal of the UOC priest to perform a burial service for the child. This opinion was expressed by the political expert in the commentary to ”Fraza”.

"If the President demonstratively shows preference for one denomination to another, it is he who is responsible for this," Bondarenko said. “The guarantor needs to tackle this issue in order to discourage everyone from interfering into church affairs. And this applies not only to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but also to other faiths and religious communities, so that they all exist outside the state, as stipulated by the Constitution."
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A woman confessing to a priest:

– I am a sinner, father, I’m beset with pride. Every day I look in the mirror! And when I do this, I admire myself and think: "Oh, how beautiful I am!"

– Well, it's not a sin, it's a delusion!


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