In Odessa, the UOC believers protected their church from desecration of provocateurs (VIDEO)

On January 9, young men from the radical organizations to paste over central temples of Odessa with insulting slogans. It is written on the website of Odessa eparchy.

The priest and parishioners of one of the temples did not allow the offenders to desecrate the sanctuary. One of the young people who took part in the action, tried to negotiate with the priest on their being allowed to glue the leaflets, since it "needs to be shot on video."

"We call upon the law enforcement agencies of Odessa region not only to give an appropriate assessment of the outrage over the sacred places, but also to take all necessary actions to prevent similar incidents in the future," the eparchy’s press service said. “Provocateurs try to sow discord in the Ukrainian society on a religious basis. The recent mockery of the buildings of the Jewish community, the provocation by the temples on the Holy Evening and today's blasphemy show that in our society there are destructive forces not interested in achieving peace and stability in Ukraine, but, on the contrary, spreading discord and chaos."

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