“The case of baby from Zaporozhye” is a political put-up job, – expert

Evidence of the active distributor of information about the refusal of the UOC priest to perform a funeral service over the child who tragically died in Zaporozhye, the representative of nationalist party "Svoboda", blogger Yuri Gudimenko, cannot be considered impartial. This was said by the expert on religion in Ukraine, publicist Alexander Yermolenko in his interview to ”Vesti”.

According to A. Yermolenko, the blogger who is known for his extremely negative attitude towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, fulfills a political order. "Shallow parsing shows that Gudimenko started to write about the incident that occured a few days ago in Zaporozhye with certain pragmatics," the expert explains. “Behind this stands a political order, since the blogger has a direct relationship to Svoboda party and its Zaporozhye-based "branch." Although I would not limit his activities to this framework alone: Gudimenko's activity is likely to be fueled by many serious forces."

A. Yermolenko calls attention to how quickly the information has spread. It was immediately picked up not only by members of the UOC-KP, but also by Greek Catholics, leading media and television channels. "Everyone has his own interest," he writes. “For example, at the backdrop of Zaporozhye tragedy the Kyiv Patriarchate is longing to interrupt the wave of publications about Metropolitan Onufry's meeting with relatives of soldiers having been released with the assistance of the UOC."

In his opinion, in the near future, we should expect an even greater influx of passions. "It seems to me that the spiral of hatred towards the UOC will be further spinning. We should expect provocations, for example, beating unknown people who will bring toys to the temples of the UOC. Now there are just a few of them, but the use-of-force scenario can cause an agiotage. Although all these provocations is the way to nowhere. Our society is divided without adding this, therefore creating artificially new hotbeds of enmity means beating your own state, its unity and future," the publicist is sure.

Earlier, Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye and Melitopol urged not to speculate on the situation with the boy who tragically died, but instead to collectively honor the memory of Yevgeny with prayer and good deeds.
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