“What is this piece of paper for?”:UOC KP believes the canonical recognition unimportant

It does not matter to representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate whether they will be recognized or not. It was reported by chief manager of Volyn eparchy of the Kyiv Patriarchate Mikhail Zinkevich in his interview to “Volynska Pravda”.

“There is no point having this “piece of paper”. Sure thing, we will conduct corresponding talks but this is not a goal in itself,” he said and added that the UOC KP “does not pursue the canonical recognition of the Kyiv Patriarchate.”
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All-night vigil, the Polyeleos, the bishop is performing the anointing. He is approached by a woman, with her arms crossed on her chest, as for the Eucharist, who says:

– Olga.

Vladyka anoints her and humbly replies:

– Bishop Guri.


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